About Us

Senegalese company founded in 1985 FAUX PLAFOND EN STAFF specializes in the manufacture and laying the plate plaster staff, Ba 13, type Armstrong, by aluminum, among others. FAUX PLAFOND EN STAFF has evolved over the years and now offers comprehensive support in the business of plaster.

today FAUX PLAFOND EN STAFF have structures Louga in northern Senegal and Dakar where its headquarters is.

Listening to customers and partners, to draft the commissioning FAUX PLAFOND EN STAFF developed for nearly 31 years know-how and technologies enabling it to ensure a position sustainable in its market. FAUX PLAFOND EN STAFF has a powerful and responsive team, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Within Faux Plafond en Staff

Within FAUX PLAFOND EN STAFF, passion for the job is the fuel that drives all our staff from design to the final startup of our facilities.Thus, the constant search for innovative and economical solutions is our primary goal
for all of our production units. This research helps answer the technical challenges of increasingly complex and relies on a powerful engineering and sourcing in line with the needs of our customers.


On behalf of FAUX PLAFOND EN STAFF I want to thank all our customers for their confidence in ambitious projects for which we will not stop to offer the most effective solutions available!